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Video: Scary Moment as Protesters Storm Stage During Joe Biden Victory Speech; Photo: Jill Biden Protects Husband

wo protesters stormed the stage as Joe Biden gave a victory speech in Los Angeles, California Tuesday night as he racked up an impressive number of primary victories over Bernie Sanders in states across the country. Biden was surrounded on either side by his wife and sister as he spoke, and those two women ended up shielding him as security failed to protect the former vice president.
The protesters appeared to be women with an anti-dairy group that recently stormed the stage while Bernie Sanders spoke at a rally in California.
As Biden spoke one female protester ran up on the stage and was grabbed by a security man and dragged away. It was then that a second women stormed the stage and Biden’s wife Jill and sister Valerie blocked her. Biden campaign senior advisor Symone Sanders ran on stage and quick;y grabbed and dragged the protester off the stage.
Biden reportedly does not have Secret Service protection.
Update: A photo taken from the side of the stage shows Jill Biden protecting her husband.
Many older viewers flashed back to another primary night speech in California in 1968 when Robert Kennedy was shot after he spoke at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
YouTube version:

Biden kept his cool after the incident and carried on with his speech. Jill and Valerie stood warily by him, turning worried eyes on the crowd and then holding hands and exchanging smiles of relief.
Earlier report on the anti-dairy protesters from Sanders event.

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