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32 Police Officers Break-Up a One-Year-Old’s Birthday Party in Los Angeles Amid Coronavirus ‘Social Distancing’ Order (VIDEO)

A huge line of armed police officers were forced to break up a 1-year-old’s birthday party in Los Angeles over the weekend amid a state and citywide Coronavirus ‘social distancing’ order. 
As of Monday Los Angeles had 6,300 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 132 deaths in a city of 4 million people.
Approximately 40 people attended the child’s birthday party in Hyde Park on Saturday.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s social distancing order limits gatherings to no more than 10 people.
Police had to call for backup after the group of people became angry.
At least 32 police officers worked to disperse the crowd for violating the social distancing order, reported TMZ.
Party goers became agitated and were screaming at the police officers.

No arrests were made, according to the Daily Mail.
WATCH (language warning):


  1. Who will disperse the 32 police who are gathering in a dangerous manner?

  2. I don't see the police social distancing in the picture. Do you?
    Maybe they should arrest each other?