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Another COVID-19 Lie Exposed - Los Angeles Health Officials Caught Lying About Teenager's Death Linked to Coronavirus

Remember the 17-year-old Lancaster boy who died from the Coronavirus?
The fraudstreammedia ran searing headlines about the boy’s death which was described as the first known “juvenile” to die from the Coronavirus in the US.
Well it turns out this story was a lie.
California health officials are now saying they are reevaluating the teen’s death claiming the case is “complex” and needs to be further investigated. 
A couple weeks ago it was reported the teen’s parents took their son to an urgent care because he was suffering from a respiratory illness.
The couple was supposedly turned away for not having insurance so they took their son to an emergency room.
The teen was tested for Coronavirus at the ER and his parents were told they were all infected with the virus even though the parents had not been tested.
But after initially reporting the boy died from the Coronavirus, the Los Angeles health officials are refusing to disclose more details citing ‘privacy concerns.’
CNN reported: In a statement, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said it’s looking into the case further. “Though early tests indicated a positive result for Covid-19, the case is complex and there may be an alternate explanation for this fatality. Patient privacy prevents our offering further details at this time,” it said in a statement.
The teenage boy has been dropped from the list of deaths from the Coronavirus in Los Angeles and the CDC will complete the investigation into the boy’s death.
How many more cases like this are out there?

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  1. After reading the comments on here from both sides of the fence on this all I can say is this virus is not fake. It is deathly real. Not as deathly as we've been informed by those that want us to know what they want us to know and do and the way they want us to live. With that, this has been a test. A test to see how far they can go to see how much of their lies we will actually believe and how controlling our life style. This is a test to inflict the American race with absolute fear and concern. Has anyone reading this heard of anyone in this country that had a case of flu? Anyone die from flu this year? Anyone die of ANYTHING other than this virus? Me neither.
    This virus is intentional for this test of power. Look at what has happen... It's gone around this planet in a mere 23 days... Well, at least the larger cities had really been hit the worst. Notice how the smaller rural areas haven't been hit anything like the larger one's? Have you seen the airplanes flying over with the chemtrails behind them? The chemtrails will have the long lasting narrow trail behind it when the actual ice trails will expand rapidly and diminish quickly. The chemtrails will stay long and much more narrow in comparison. I wonder what they could be dropping on us? Aluminum Oxide is the one they have admitted to so far.
    The government is trying to control us. Our life style. Our work and income. Look at what's going on with the record unemployment.... Millions of unemployed and accepting money from the goverment to have to rely on them... the control of the goverment is just that... give you money to live on, keep you comfy and warm and control ever aspect of your life.
    They would love to have 2 classes... the extremely rich to pad their pockets or the extremely poor, to live off the government and rely on the government for their safety and well being. One World....
    You really have to start thinking for yourself. The bird flu... Did we go insane and take all the TP off the shelves for that? Why not?
    Flu season.... Do we hoard all the tylenol for that season, leaving none for the truly sick? Why not? All the other examples to give and we have not acted like this with any of them... Why not?
    I'll tell you "why not"... Because the media didn't tell us to. That's exactly "why not".
    Open your eyes, people. Realize what's happening around you. This is a control tactic with many lies about the true out come of the situation.
    How was YOUR flu season... Or did you have one THIS YEAR????