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Crazed Michigan Governor Now Tells Home Depot to Shut Down Unnecessary Flooring, Tiles and Garden Centers

In late March Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer limited access of doctors from prescribing the lifesaving drugs hydroxychloroquine and Z-Paks to save senior citizens in the state from coronavirus. 
Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Paks have are widely used by doctors the world over to treat the coronavirus.
Democrat lawmaker Karen Whitsett said she had to beg for hydroxychloroquine that saved her life because her tyrannical governor limiting access to the drug with an executive order!
Now the far left governor is banning travel between homes for Michigan residents!
So kids can no longer play at their friends’ house. 
Families cannot travel for Easter.
And now the Democrat governor is calling on Home Depot and Lowes to shut down to close certain sections like flooring, garden centers and plant nurseries.
This governor is insane!
Via FOX17:
Not all Michigan lawmakers voted in favor of it. Some of them say it’s hurting businesses who may have to close for good.
“Now is not the time to pull back at all, it is the time to identify. That’s exactly what we’re doing,” said Whitmer during a press briefing on Thursday. “This doesn’t mean that everything is going to go back to normal on the 30th. However, we do know for the next 3 weeks we have to take these important actions.”
There are new rules for companies to limit exposure to others. The governor also wants big box stores to close certain sections like flooring, garden centers and plant nurseries.
Sure enough there are already photos from Home Depot showing their roped off sections.


  1. This is an unethical and disturbing article. Such selfish people who can not do the right thing for the greater good. What is a month or two when it means saving lives!

    1. Your an idiot and a coward. You deserve neither freedom or safety. Turn the TV off and educate yourself. Sheeple fool.

  2. Governor Half Wit is an insane spoiled little brat. She doesn't give a damn about the people of the state, businesses, or anyone but her socialist cronies. She needs to be recalled, start the recall drive now, while we're all under her house arrest orders....

  3. Recall this hysterical woman. This is not leadership.

  4. Thank God we live right on the border of Wisconsin and can go there for everything we need, this nut case don't tell us what to do!!