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Decrease In Pollution During The Lockdown Is Turning The British Sea Tropical (15 Pics)

While the novel coronavirus is ravaging across the globe and people are locking themselves up at home to avoid getting infected, the world seems to do just fine without us. We have seen the news from all over the world about animals invading cities and claiming it for themselves as people empty the streets, witnessed water in Venice go crystal clear, and welcome some of the wildlife back to its canals and many more examples of nature thriving.
This time, it’s Brits throwing some good news at us. Even though they are usually not the ones to brag about sunny weather and tropical coastline, it seems the lockdown has done some good to their coastline near Portsmouth.

Incredible drone photos show tropical-looking British coastline

Image credits: Solent News/Solent Sky
Even though most people never expect tropical-looking pictures of the seaside to be coming from the Brits, they did manage to surprise us this time. Mike Woods took these incredible looking pictures by flying a drone over Portsmouth. He was amazed to see usually murky waters azure blue and crystal clear.

The photos of azure blue waters were taking by flying a drown over Portsmouth

Image credits: Solent News/Solent Sky
Some people believe the sea around Portsmouth has cleared out to decreased pollution levels during the coronavirus lockdown. It’s not necessarily the case but the locals are happy about this change despite the possibility of it being temporary.

Usually murky waters most likely cleared out because of a decrease in pollution

Image credits: Solent News/Solent Sky
It could be pretty accurate since the color of the sea depends largely on how many particles are in the water, so the more it is affected by car pollution, boat traffic and other human activity, the more particles get into the water and changes its hue, making it appear darker and murkier.

Pollution levels dropped significantly in the UK due to the coronavirus lockdown

Mike Woods, who took these aerial shots of azure blue seas near Portsmouth said: “There has been a lot of talk about the color of the water in the area recently and I think the perception is, nature is thriving.”

“It’s phenomenal. We’ve never, ever seen the water look this clear before, it’s lovely,” said Mike Woods who took these photos

Image credits: Solent News/Solent Sky
“It’s beautiful to see it and it looks like you are in a different country down there, it really does. It’s phenomenal,” he added. We’ve never, ever seen the water look this clear before, it’s lovely.”

However, the water could just appear cleaner with fewer people and boat traffic to disturb its stillness

Image credits: Solent News/Solent Sky
Looking at the prospects of maintaining the British coastline as tropical as it looks now, it would seem people should just leave it alone for good, not only during the lockdown as scientists explain that murky waters are caused by the concentration of particles in them.

These Google Earth images showcase how the British coastline looked before the lockdown

Image credits: Google Earth
Despite the good news about the tropical-looking British coastline, waters of Venice clearing out, and even ozone layer fixing itself, assuming that all the environmental problems of the world will fix themselves in a couple of weeks of human inactivity and will stay fixed is a little bit over-optimistic. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it while we can though!

The murkiness was most likely caused by car pollution, water traffic and human activity

That’s what people responded to the photos

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