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Disgraceful! Hack Reporter Asks President Trump if the Man Who Lost 50,000 American Lives Should be Re-elected? (VIDEO)

Despite their dismal ratings the liberal mainstream media continues to spiral out of control.
On Monday during his daily coronavirus press conference his final question was from a liberal hack who asked him if the man who lost 50,000 Americans should be re-elected.
What a disgrace.
The reporter is Olivia Nuzzi from New York Magazine. 
President Trump masterly responded that the “experts” originally estimated over 2 million deaths so he saved lives.
This is going to be the new liberal media line.
Does anyone in their right mind believe ANY Democrat would have shut down travel from China in January? Or any Democrat would have locked down the economy in March?
These aren’t reporters, they’re liberal activists.



  1. How about we ask if we should re=elect an EPSTEIN GUILTY PIECE OF RAPING GARBAGE like the Clintons he PRETENDS to be different from? All FOR Epstein RAPING / BLACKMAILING / 911 MURDERING / USS LIBERTY MURDERING ISRAHELL who is also ISIS that Drumpfy supports, ARMS and RESCUES? How about that?

  2. The difference between genius and stupidity, is that genius has a limit.
    I hope Yamammoto's quote is applicable here " I'm afraid we've awakened a sleeping giant"

    America WAKE UP!!