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Gun Sales Skyrocket in March -- Retailers Record 2.5 MILLION Sales - A New US Record!

Americans may have lost their right to religion and assembly this past month.
But they still have their Second Amendment.
In case you didn't hear,

2.5 MILLION guns were sold in March.

This is the HIGHEST sales volume recorded in history.

God Bless the Second Amendment!
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Gun sales exploded in March as the government pushed forced lockdowns on the American public.
Gun retailers recorded 2.5 million sales in March — a new record!
WUNC reported: 

Americans bought millions of guns in March, apparently driven by fears of the societal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Retailers sold more than 2.5 million firearms in March, a year-over-year increase of 85%, according to estimates from industry research firm Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF).
The FBI says it performed 3,740,688 background checks in its NICS database during the month of March, over 1 million more background checks than it performed in March 2019.
Many states run background checks to test gun permit-holders, so background checks cannot be equated one-to-one to gun sales.
“Ordinarily, we will have a shock that will raise or lower the demand over several months or maybe a year, but not in a single month,” said Jurgen Brauer, SAAF’s chief economist. “So it is quite unprecedented.”

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