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Hack Reporter Asks President Trump About Shutting Down Grocery Stores to Stop Spread of Coronavirus - So We All Can Starve (VIDEO)

The fraudstream media is the enemy of the American people. 
President Trump on Sunday held another Coronavirus press conference.
A hack reporter actually asked President Trump about shutting down grocery stores and fast food joints.
“So why even have a few businesses open? Why don’t they shut everything down? Groceries stores are open, fast food places — why even take a little chance? Just shut all of it down temporarily,” the reporter said. 
So we will all just starve to death — as long as we don’t die of Coronavirus!

Video: As many people have already pointed out on here, a reporter actually asked Trump about shutting down essential businesses like grocery stores. Seriously.

Here that was.
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  1. Trump should hold the updates WITHOUT press attendance ... the press, representing the corporations that host them, see no problem in deliberate statements geared to negatively impact the public ... there is no responsible journalism left - only deliberate psychosocial TERRORISM on the population. Trump doesn't need them. That specific news organization that the reporter represents should be banned from attending White House meetings from now on, at the very least ... very DANGEROUS pronouncement to be presented to the public. Trump handled it fine, but ....