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"It's an Absolute Disaster for Our Industry" - Hotel CEO Monty Bennett Says He had to Cut 95% of Staff Due to Coronavirus Panic (VIDEO)

Hotel operator Monty Bennett, the CEO of Ashford Inc., went on with Laura Ingraham on Tuesday night.
The hotel, travel, entertainment and leisure industries are being decimated by the coronavirus virus and media-spun panic.
Monty Bennett told Laura Ingraham, “I had to cut 95% of my employees. Even 9-11 or the financial crisis, it took us 5 years and 8 years respectively to fully recover from those calamities. And this tragedy is worse than those two put together time ten. It’s an absolute disaster for our industry. Morgan Stanley recently put out a note that US hotels are the hardest hit industry.”
Let’s pray our political leaders do not allow this pandemic to turn into a national depression. 

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