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Las Vegas Casinos Release Detailed Reopening Plans, Including Total Gambling Revolution

Casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, hope to be among the first American businesses to ramp up to full capacity and, on Sunday, Wynn Casinos and Resorts, which operates two of the Strip’s most prestigious casinos, released a detailed report on how they plan to adapt to the new, coronavirus world — and it may revolutionize gambling forever.
Wynn, like other casinos, is waiting on the governor of Nevada to officially “reopen” the state, and suggests that all gambling operations wait until the state has more widely available testing, a sustained period of low hospital admissions for COVID-19, and consistent data monitoring and testing availability before any hotel rooms unlock and gaming tables populate.
Even once those measures are in place, however, gambling will look very different, as the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.
“It is still unclear what distancing protocol for casinos would look like but could include reduced gaming capacity, greater spacing between active slot machines, fewer seats at live gaming tables, and masks for dealers,” Nevada’s Union Gaming analyst told the outlet last week.
“We expect distancing measures to likely make it such that every other slot in a given bank is shut off, though, given configurations of slot layouts on casino floors, this doesn’t necessarily imply a 50 percent reduction of capacity,” another gaming expert wrote in a report submitted to LVRJ.
Buffets will probably stay closed, and Vegas’s famous concert venues and mega-clubs may be dark until late 2020, at the earliest — until the Trump administration, which has in place a “phased” opening system, authorizes the country to move into Phase 2 or Phase 3, where only basic social distancing is required and COVID-19 cases are either easily treatable or entirely preventable.
Table gaming will change dramatically.
Vital Vegas reports that the Wynn, at least, will remove chairs and limit how many tables are open for gaming at one time. Floor supervisors will sanitize tables and chairs every time a guest leaves a game, dealers will sanitize dice and cards, and shufflers and tables will be sanitized on a regular basis — in some cases, every hour. Communal gaming spaces, like players lounges, will be deep cleaned daily.
“Cocktail Servers will remain available and serve beverage(s) upon request,” the outlet reports. “Social distancing will also be enforced in convention spaces, retail spaces and pools. At pools, seating will be set up to allow for six feet of separation between groups of guests.”
For poker, things will be sanitized regularly, tables will be “staggered,” and dealers will enforce “social distancing.” Guests will have to sanitize their hands before joining, a game and food and beverage may not be allowed.
There is no specific date set for Vegas casinos to reopen, but most hope to be functional by Memorial Day.
The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau says the state government will make the decision.

“That’s really up to the governor and I’m sure he will make those decisions in consultation with the medical community as well,” the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau leadership told the LVRJ. “We’re not in a position to dictate a timeline. It helps to be prepared for when that opportunity presents itself. We’re in consultation with the properties on that and trying to help.”

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  1. Jesus Fucking Christ!!!!! All for a damn cold virus. God, i wish the sheep would quit doing what the gov't tells them to.