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Michigan Governor Whitmer Lectures Her Constituents: They Aren’t Paying Attention and Don’t “Really Understand the Threat” (VIDEO)

Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan criticized her constituents on Monday. Whitmer claims her constituents aren’t paying attention to coronavirus and that they don’t “really understand.”
This was a virtual interview that ran on Politico Playbook with hosts Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman on Monday.
Governor Whitmer: I think it’s through consistently explaining. I think that I’m paying close attention and you’re paying close attention. And certainly there are a lot of people who are invested who are home and watching the news. But some are not. And I don’t want to make any assumption that people really understand the threat of a second spike and what that will mean.


  1. She's absolutely right...they don't understand why their rights are Trumped by a plandemic.

    If people truly knew the facts behind this plandemic, she would be covered in tar and feathers.

  2. Oh they understand the Threat perfectly,looking in the mirror may help wondering why constituents want you OUT.