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Rush Limbaugh: White House Press Corps' Only Intention is to Undermine President Trump

Rush Limbaugh today pointed out the obvious once again to the American public. 
The reporters in the White House press room are not interested in suffering Americans, they’re not interested in millions of lost jobs, they’re not interested in faulty models, they’re not interested in cures to the coronavirus. They are only interested in getting Trump.
They don’t even hide their contempt for this president any more.

Rush Limbaugh: The White House Press Corps’ only concern is to undermine President Trump. 

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Jonathan Karl yesterday brought in a China-sympathetic reporter to that press briefing. That China reporter in there from Phoenix TV — that’s a Chinese-dominated company — Jonathan Karl of ABC, he runs the White House Correspondents’ Association, so he brought the reporter in there. And I don’t know if anybody noticed it, but little Doctor — Dr. Fauci, at the end of the briefing, gave Karl a-thumbs up, like a “job well done” kind of thing.
It’s just, it’s just — you know we’ve got all of these Hillary Clinton sympathizers still in the medical expert team here. And we know that one thing has not changed, and that is these people’s desire, above everything else, to get rid of Donald Trump.
Can you believe these people don’t care about the economy being shut down? It is stunning to me. People are being ruined. I talked to a number of friends of mine. These are people that own their own business. A guy, a good friend of mine in South Carolina, told me he’s losing a million dollars a day. Another friend’s business is totally shut down, he’s ruined. And there’s no end in sight to this.
And now we’re talking about another task force to discuss how to reopen? We are Capitalism 101. What do we need a task force to talk about how to reopen an economy? We are — or were — the world’s number-one economy. A task force?
Look — no, no, no, — I understand that there may be some need to keep the elderly and the susceptible at home and let the young and healthy out, let them go back to work. But a task force is just another bureaucracy. Look, I’m for anything that will get all of this back up and running as soon as possible. But I just don’t get the impression that there are very many people that we see on TV from Washington every day, besides the president, who are focused on this. Do you?
Now, I understand — look, I understand this virus is a deadly thing. I understand it’s very serious. I understand all of that, please do not get confused here. But motivation is a key element to anything. Desire is a key element to accomplishment. It always has been. And we keep hearing, “No, we’ve got to maintain this shutdown. In fact, we need to even intensify the shutdown. We need to keep people staying at home.”
I’m just telling you that there is an all-out subtle effort for the status quo because it’s going to hurt Donald Trump. That is the objective. That is the only thing at the forefront of some of these people’s minds while they portray themselves as being primarily concerned with public health.

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  1. "Rush Limbaugh: White House Press Corps' Only Intention is to Undermine President Trump'

    Just nonsense.

    Trump does a thorough job of undermining himself without any help.

    And this is a totally fake claim since Limbaugh can have no possible insight into the intentions of others.

    Not without being a mindreader, and I don't think "the big fat idiot"(to quote a well-known comic and politician) has yet claimed that talent.