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Someone Send this to President Trump: Google Searches for “Can’t Pay Rent” Are Up 15 Times in the Last Week!

Someone needs to send this to President Trump.
Google searches for “Can’t pay rent” has gone up 15 times in the last week! 
President Trump will be blamed for he economic depression if he allows the doctors to shut down the US economy much longer.
Trump does best when he follows his gut and not the so-called experts.

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  1. Time has come to push back against this economic tide by forced options. Do Not pay any expected monthly dues. Hard decision after we've been trained on-time with payments for all our lives to maintain credit score. Financial pride knowing you had won life's main goal of being able to cover all debt and monthly expenses is a hard virtue to just walk away from but remember this. We're not the ones that busted the system. Greedy slimes with way too much money have been controlling the game with an addiction for more chips. Now it's our turn to control the flow. Don't Pay Nothing until this economic freeze has been resolved. Electric having no option. Must pay as smart meters will be turned off by computer matrix, not some meter reader. Try not to allow bulling to pay debts while Idiot's in charge try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Keep any monies for survival as we're in times never experienced before. Movement will gain attention when slimes realize far too many have been pushed past point of civility. Can of worms opened now will be the chocking point. God Speed, Hold your family dear, prepare to defend, the time is upon us....