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The Experts Were ALL WRONG: Six New Studies Show COVID-19 Infected Millions More than Predicted Across US from NYC to LA to Miami to Boston to Chicago!

At least six US studies show the coronavirus is more widespread than expected and that millions and millions of Americans have been infected by the Wuhan virus already without knowing they had the virus.

Two new studies were released earlier this week that show millions of Americans were infected with the coronavirus between March and April 21.

The studies also reveal the mortality rate is much less that was reported and similar to seasonal flu.

This also shows that the experts who are behind the draconian lockdowns have been wrong from the beginning.
The first study by Dr. Justin Silverman estimates that there were 8.7 million coronavirus infections between March 8 and March 28.
And as of April 17, 2020, 10% of the US population has been infected or around 33 million Americans.
Updated, careful analysis of CDC non-flu ILI database by Silverman @inschool4life et al: 8.7 million SARS-Cov2 infections Mar 8-28, & @inschool4life est as of ~Apr 17-19, 10% U.S. population (~33 million) infected https://github.com/jsilve24/ili_surge/blob/master/Silverman_Hupert_and_Washburn.pdf ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9VzaDzqo-M&feature=youtu.be&t=898  (14:58-15:05)
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A second study by Fivetran estimates that from March 1 and April 4th 12 million Americans were infected with the coronavirus.
"Between Mar 1 & April 4, there were 311,000 confirmed cases of COVID19 in U.S. We est an additional 1.3 million COVID19 pts visited their docs during this time period but were not able to get tested, & additional 10.7 million people were infected" https://fivetran.com/blog/covid-19-count 
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A third study finds that 25% of residents at homeless shelters tested positive for the virus.
And 66% of those residents tested at San Francisco homeless facilities tested positive for the coronavirus!
Despite downplaying signif of data on actual covid19 positivity vs. previously "confirmed cases" among homeless, latest MMWR rpt provides more evidence of vastly inc SARS-Cov2 infection rates https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6917e1.htm?s_cid=mm6917e1_w#T1_down 
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A fourth study from last week in Santa Clara County in California revealed that 2.5% to 4.2% of people tested for COVID-19 were positive for antibodies.
A fifth study in Boston found that 46 people in a homeless shelter tested positive and all of them were asymptomatic.
And now a sixth study in Miami-Dade County in Florida found that at least 6% of the population tested positive for the coronavirus antibodies suggesting the number of infected could be 16 times higher than previously reported.

A random sampling study shows that at least 6% of the population in Miami, Florida, have coronavirus antibodies, indicating past infection.
165,000 residents of Miami-Dade County tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, suggesting the rate of people infected could be more than 16 times higher than previously thought, according to a study released by University of Miami researchers on Friday.
The study, set into motion by local officials, will be an ongoing weekly survey randomly selecting residents who volunteer to submit pinpricks of blood to show whether they were positive in the past. Friday’s results were based off two weeks of countywide testing of about 1,400 participants, and researchers found that about half of those who tested positive did not report symptoms in the previous 14-17 days, according to the Miami Herald.
“What we’re finding out is something we’ve frankly known all along. There are a lot of asymptomatic cases out there where people are carrying the virus but are not experiencing any symptoms,” Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez said in a press conference.
Antibody studies across the globe are reporting similar findings.
A high school in France this week determined that 25% of students and staff possessed coronavirus antibodies requiring nine hospitalizations but zero deaths.
random sampling test conducted by Stanford researchers in Santa Clara County, California, concluded that the coronavirus is 50-85 tim

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