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"This Man is My Father" - Dr. Marc Siegel Defends the Hydroxychloroquine Treatment for Coronavirus with the Most Moving Story Imaginable (VIDEO)

Dr. Marc Siegel, FOX News Medical Correspondent joined Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night to discuss the hydroxychloroquine treatment for the coronavirus. 
Several studies have shown tremendous success with hydroxychloroquine and Z-Paks to treat the virus.
Dr. Marc Siegel ended the segment with this moving testimonial.
Dr. Siegel: Tucker, I want to tell you about a 96-year-old man in Florida who one night, “I don’t think I’m going to make it. I feel very weak. The end is coming. I’m coughing. I’m short of breath. I can’t get up from the couch.” The next day he was on hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics per his cardiologist. He got up the next day he was fine. This man is my father. 
Wow! What a powerful defense!



  1. No no no, we need more vaccine and new vaccine to pump. How are you gonna propup the economy? hu?

  2. I see YouTube, Google's publisher, removed the video.