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United Airlines is hit with class-action lawsuit for practicing 'unfair and deceptive conduct' by refusing to issue refunds to passengers on canceled flights due to the coronavirus outbreak (4 Pics)

United Airlines has been hit with a class action lawsuit from angry would-be passengers demanding to be refunded for their canceled flights. 
The airline slashed its flight schedules due to the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in thousands of flight cancellations for thousands more passengers. 
United refuses to issue monetary refunds to passengers with canceled flights, and instead is offering customers travel vouchers, which expire in one year from the original ticket date. 
In a lawsuit obtained by DailyMail.com, the passengers claim they have lost a total combined amount of $5million. 

The lawsuit names Jacob Rudolph 'individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated' as the plaintiff and United Airlines Holdings Inc and United Airlines Inc as defendants. 
Rudolph is a police officer in Minnesota and according to the lawsuit, he purchased three tickets to travel from South Carolina back to Minneapolis on April 4. 
He paid a total of $1,521.45 for the three tickets, $904.20 in tickets, $137.40 in taxes and fees, and $479.85 in additional travel options. 
United ultimately canceled due to the growing outbreak in the US.  
He now says he was deceived by the airline because he bought the tickets under the impression that he would be refunded if the flight was to be canceled by the airline.  
Rudolph, along with the other plaintiffs, now claim that they are are entitled to a refund and because the airline canceled on them.  
'The need for monetary refunds over travel vouchers is pressing now,' the lawsuit states. 
'Travel vouchers provide little security in this public crisis, particularly where many individual Americans need money now to pay for basics like food and rent, not restrictive, temporary credits towards future travel.' 
The suit starts out by saying that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 'opportunity and ability to travel is flat-out eliminated for many Americans, both financially and physically. A trip to the grocery store or pharmacy has been deemed a necessity and permitted; a spring break trip with family or travel for a business meeting, is not.' 

DailyMail.com obtained a class-action lawsuit from angry passengers who are demanding refunds
DailyMail.com obtained a class-action lawsuit from angry passengers who are demanding refunds
Plaintiffs note that the airlines are due to receive about $58billion in aid through a  government bailout under the CARES Act, The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.
'But despite the faucet of taxpayer money that will flow its way, United refuses to comply with the law or operate in the interests of its customers,' the suit states .
Rudolph said he requested a refund for his three tickets and was denied.  
'United has engaged in unfair and deceptive conduct through its policy to refuse refunds, limiting and forcing customers into a rebooked flight or travel voucher instead of returning their money,' it says. 
They also claim United changed its refund policy four times within seven days regarding passenger rights when flights are altered.
The plaintiffs say they are entitled to recover compensatory damages and attorney’s fees and costs.

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