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Watch Malibu Police Give Chase to Lone Paddleboarder for Disobeying State Stay-at-Home Order

A very strange police chase occurred at Malibu Pier in California on Thursday.
One lone paddleboarder ignored lifeguards’ orders to get out of the water and was subsequently pursued by police patrol boats.
The man had been disobeying California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order, a misdemeanor, according to KTLA.
A video of the chase was released by an onlooker on Instagram.

The Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station released a statement concerning the events that transpired Thursday in a post on its Facebook page.
“The suspect was arrested for Disobeying a Lifeguard 17.12.115 LACC and Violation of Government Code 8665,” the post read.
“The suspect was transported to Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station where he was booked and released on a promise to appear.”
Some have been critical of the move, considering police enforcement of the stay-at-home order to be brash governmental overreach.
“He’s violating social distancing rules… while alone in the ocean,” Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire wrote on Twitter.
“Do you really think all of these rules are simply about ‘keeping us safe’ and not also about control and power?”
In a recent Op-Ed for The Western Journal, constitutional speaker KrisAnne Hall voiced her concern over executive orders such as Newsom’s.
“Let’s be clear: I am not asserting that the individual should not choose a behavior that respects the most prudent measures available to ensure the best health and welfare of themselves and their neighbors,” Hall wrote.
“But when a government uses threat and force to compel behavior and the rights of the people are ignored and due process denied under the pretense of necessity, the people are not safe, the welfare of the people is not respected and the body of the people are in danger of becoming enslaved by the very government they’ve elected to secure their rights.”

According to The New York Times, 41 U.S. states have declared statewide “shelter in place” or “safer at home” orders as of Friday.


  1. Where do states get the authority to implement these "stay at home" orders?

    1. Bill Gates diktat? CDC pronouncement? Dr.Fauci Medical School Flashback?

  2. He was lucky he wasn't shot!

  3. Remember, cops don't know how to do anything except obey orders, and their superiors also only obey orders, they do NOT have ONE original thought in their heads. This is why they will shoot you dead for doing something like this guy did and why these 'officers' seem as stupid as the Keystone Kops. What a bunch of morons!