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"We're Thinking About Doing That" - President Trump Now Considers Limits on Domestic Flights and Passenger Trains


So they’re going to shut down the trains next.
President Trump was asked on Wednesday by Jeff Mason from Reuters if he will shut down flights and passenger train travel over fears of the coronavirus.
President Trump responded, “We’re thinking about doing that. Those are very, very big decisions from the standpoint of the future of our country in a way.”

"We're going to be the talk of the world soon" after trillions of dollars go into US infrastructure improvements, predicts @POTUS. "It's time to spend money on our country" and not on wars in the Middle East.

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"We'll let you know fairly soon," replies @POTUS when asked by @jeffmason1 about shutting down airline flights and passenger train travel. "Those are very, very big decisions from the standpoint of the future of our country in a way."

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Yahoo reported:
President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he is weighing grounding domestic flights between coronavirus hot spots as he ramps up efforts to try to contain the pandemic’s spread.
“We’re thinking about doing that,” Trump told reporters at a White House briefing, a day after he warned the nation to brace for a “hell of a bad two weeks,” with 100,000 to 240,000 coronavirus deaths projected, even if current social distancing guidelines are maintained.
Limited flights continue to run between cities like New York and Detroit, though passenger counts have plummeted across the nation. The Transportation Security Administration screened just 146,348 passengers Tuesday, down from 2,026,256 the same day last year.

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