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Shocking moment a white woman launches racist tirade against Hawaiians after refusing to move her car from a Walmart parking lot aisle

A white woman unleashed an expletive-filled tirade that quickly turned racial against Hawaiians after she was asked to move her car from a Walmart parking lot in Hawaii.
The alarming scene reportedly unfolded May 5 outside a Walmart store in the town of Hilo, the New York Post reports. 
A resident who captured the meltdown said the woman was 'going nuts on everyone' and refused to move her car.
It's unclear what immediately preceded the argument, but shocking cell phone footage captured the explosive fallout. 

'F*** you! F*** you!' the woman screeches at a man behind the camera frame. 
The woman is seen standing beside her car while a security guard urges her to move her vehicle out of the parking lot aisle.
'Hey! Enough. Keep driving and park your car,' the security guard says.
'No, It's not enough!' the woman responds. 'You better get the f*** away from me.'
The security guard attempts to explain that 'this is a roadway' and asks if 'she can please move her car.'
The woman (left)  called the security guard (right) a 'short f****** piece of shit' when he tried once again to make her move the vehicle
The woman (left)  called the security guard (right) a 'short f****** piece of shit' when he tried once again to make her move the vehicle 
'Everybody better stop f****** yelling at me right now because I'm not moving my car!' the woman screams across the parking lot.  
The woman appears to relent by getting into her car, but instead launches into a series of insults at the security guard.. 
'Listen you short  f****** piece of shit,' the woman says, prompting witnesses to gasp in shock.' Grow some f****** balls, baby!' 
This security guard lashes back, telling the woman to 'shut the f*** up and leave' because she's blocking traffic.'
Then, the woman appears to become irate at a brief conversation the security guard had with some nearby witnesses. 
'You can talk all the f*** you want, all you f****** Hawaiians,' the woman says. 'The white lady's f****** crazy.'
'You can talk all the f*** you want you m*****f******,' she adds. 
The woman begins to drive away, but a comment by a Walmart employee saying 'that's enough' reignites her anger.
'No! It's not enough! It is not enough!' she says. 
A second video shared to a resident's Instagram account shows the woman on the phone with authorities while her car sits idle  in the middle of the parking lot.
The woman seems to tell authorities that she has been the victim of racial jabs from witnesses.  
'And now I have some other Hawaiians here who are also saying, "Oh, go back to the mainland" because I have blonde hair and blue eyes.' 
There were no reports of any arrests and or injuries.  


  1. Walmart...explains a lot of things!

  2. From what I hear, it's the locals who are the racists.

  3. What's shocking is that somebody thought this was news worth reporting.