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WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Mocks Trump During Commencement Speech

In a virtual commencement speech to the “Class of 2020,” actor Arnold Schwarzenegger took a subtle jab at President Donald Trump while delivering a rather inspirational story about a recent health struggle.
“You are celebrating that journey today. Not just a piece of paper that you hang on a wall,” Schwarzenegger said in the video.
Shortly thereafter, the “Terminator” actor then shared an honorary doctorate he received from Trump University.
“This is nothing,” said Schwarzenegger. “I mean we all have these pieces of paper, but let’s be honest. This celebration, by the way, is not the end. Yes, it is the end of this particular chapter, but it is the beginning of your next climb. It is time to celebrate now, be in the moment, go all out, yes of course. But tomorrow, when this is all over, it’s time to start developing your vision and it’s time to start climbing toward your vision.”

Despite the mockery of Trump, Schwarzenegger did share a deeply inspirational story about how he almost died during an unexpected heart surgery in 2018 after he awoke from what was supposed to originally be a non-invasive procedure.
“[The doctor] told me they had to do emergency surgery,” he said. “That something went wrong during this non-invasive procedure and then it became very invasive. They said that they broke through the heart wall and there was internal bleeding and I could have died if they didn’t open up my sternum and do open heart surgery.”
During his time in recovery, Schwarzenegger recalled hoping that he would be well enough in time to get back on the set of “Terminator: Dark Fate” four months later. He accomplished his goal.
“My usual principles worked. Because I was visualizing right away that I’m going to be on the date, Aug. 1. I’m going to be on the set and I’ll be filming ‘Terminator’ and I’ll be doing my fight scene and everything else it requires,” he said. “The reason that I’m telling you all this is because, no matter how successful you are, life will always throw obstacles in your path.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Trump have been sparring ever since the 2016 election when the action star was tapped to head “The Apprentice” in the real-estate mogul’s absence. As the show’s ratings quickly dwindled, Trump made sure to put the blame on Schwarzenegger.
“Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t voluntarily leaving the Apprentice, he was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not by me. Sad end to great show,” Trump wrote on Twitter at the time.
Schwarzenegger did not take the insults lying down and immediately shot back with a troll video of his own when Trump’s approval ratings dipped into the thirties in 2017.
“Oh, Donald, the ratings are in, and you got swamped. Wow. Now you’re in the thirties?” said Schwarzenegger at the time. “But what do you expect? I mean when you take away after school programs for children and meals on wheels for the poor people, that’s not what you call ‘making America great again.’ Come on! I mean, who is advising you?” He continued, “Let me give you some advice: go to a middle school — the Hart Middle School, right in Washington, six miles away from the White House. I’ll take you there, so you can see the fantastic work that they’re doing for these children. Let’s do it, huh?”
Schwarzenegger even went as far to blame Trump for the show’s failure during an interview with Variety Magazine in 2017.
“I loved every second of working with NBC and Mark Burnett. Everyone — from the celebrities to the crew to the marketing department — was a straight 10, and I would absolutely work with all of them again on a show that doesn’t have this baggage,” he said. “With Trump being involved in the show, people have a bad taste and don’t want to participate as a spectator or as a sponsor or in any other way support the show. It’s a very divisive period now and I think this show got caught up in all that division.”

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