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Business Owner Eviscerates Black Lives Matter Rioters in Viral Video: 'You Wanted To Loot The Store'

Some feel as though the Black Lives Matter movement is helping the African American community. According to one black business owner, however, it is instead “tearing it down.”
In a video posted on Tuesday, one co-owner of The Valentine Deli Corp in the Bronx section of New York City took Black Lives Matter rioters to task for looting and destroying the local neighborhood.
“You says black lives matter. I worked here part-time. Plus I’m a part-owner of this store. You said black lives matter. Why don’t you choke me? I’m black. Look what you did to my store. Look at the things you’ve done, look. We’ve been here all night cleaning up,” the unidentified woman said in the video.
“Tell me black lives matter. You lied. You wanted to loot the store, you needed money. Get a job, like I did. Stop stealing. This is a neighborhood. We’re trying to build it up and you’re tearing it down.”
The video was then shared by conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams and viewed over 400,000 times.

This woman wants to know how can they say while ruining her black life & business.

She said “ You told me Black Lives Matter, you lied, you wanted to loot the store, you needed money, Get a Job, stop stealing”

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“This woman wants to know how can they say #BlackLivesMatter while ruining her black life & business.”
After discovering the store, fellow conservative comedian Nicole Arbour set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for The Valentine Deli Corp.
Over $61,000 has been raised so far.
The Valentine Deli Corp is far from the only black-owned business to be destroyed. Thanks to various online fundraisers, however, many of these businesses have been given a chance to rebuild.

Last week, an African American firefighter and small business owner named K.B. Balla suffered the destruction of his business, Scores Sports Bar in Minneapolis, thanks to violent rioters.
While CBS News was interviewing Balla in the remains of his sports bar, multiple looters were caught on tape returning to the scene to try and steal his safe.
Ball then started a GoFundMe of his own and raised over $1,100,000.
Additionally, on Monday, youthful conservative commentator CJ Pearson set up a fundraiser called “The Left is Burning Down Black Business.” All of the earning will be distributed to various African American owned businesses that have been destroyed in the riots.

So far Pearson has raised over $111,337.

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