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How Canada got its name (Picture)

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  1. Gold seeking "visitors" were a real danger to the HURON and Iroquois--so named by Spanish and Portuguese fishermen and explorers. The former were named after the furs of the hurones(a mink like rodent)they covered themselves with. "Iroquois" is a francisised word based on the Basque word used to name the native Indians living along the banks of the St.Lawrence River.
    Spanish and Portuguese explorers placed at the entrance to native villages signs saying "Acá Nada", meaning no riches found here.
    This was taught to the natives to say, in order to discourage poaching by explorers coming after them seeking riches. They posted wooden signs at the entrance of villages.

    Gold and diamond seeker, Portuguese speaking, Jacques Cartier said of the barren cold lands--he did not discover-- that they were barren,the Devil's land...Voltaire referred to Canada as "Some acres of snow"...

    Aren't you glad these folks were so stupid...? Go figure...