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5 UPS employees arrested for stealing guns from incoming packages

A gun theft ring at a midlands UPS hub was busted last week by Lexington County deputies. The guns were stolen from incoming packages at the shipping company’s hub in West Columbia.

Williams, Tre`von Damarius
Tre’von Williams, 19 (LCSD)
Peters, Kenyon
Kenyon Peters, 18 (LCSD)
Kinney, Dishon Deandre
Dishon Kinney, 18 (LCSD)
Byron Burke, 19, Jalen Green, 19, Dishon Kinney, 18, Kenyon Peters, 18, and Tre’von Williams, 19, face charges of breach of trust. Kinney and Peters are also charged with criminal conspiracy.

Green, Jalen Rashaad
Jalen Green, 19 (LCSD)
Burke, Byron
Byron Burke, 19 (LCSD)
UPS’s security team notified the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department that guns were being stolen from incoming trucks. LCSD says Kinney and Peters devised the plan and that all five men sold the guns or gave them away while on company time.

Ups Guns
Photo of guns reported stolen in UPS theft ring (LCSD)
Investigators arrested them at the UPS hub Thursday. They have been released from the Lexington County Detention Center after meeting conditions of their bond.


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