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Anti-mask customer drops her pants and pees on Verizon store floor in protest

The debates and fights over face masks have made lots of headlines over the last few months. In July alone we've seen McDonald's workers assaulted for asking people to wear masks; a mass protest by mask-less parents opposed to a mask mandate for students; Georgia's governor prohibiting local mask requirements; people spat on, punchedstabbed, held at gunpoint, and killed over mask disputes; the creation of snitch lines to report mask scofflaws; anti-mask vandalism and public fits; and even a pro-mask campaign employing a famous movie slasher.

But a new incident out of Roseville, California, might have them all beat — at least on the craziness scale.
KOVR-TV reported Friday that a woman who didn't care for Verizon's company policy requiring that masks be worn in all its stores decided to drop her pants and relieve herself on the floor of her local Verizon store.

What's that now?

In a 911 dispatch call aired by KOVR, a dispatch officer can be heard telling cops that three customers at the Roseville Verizon store were told to put on masks or leave, but they would do neither. And apparently one woman in particular was a real problem.
In the call, the dispatcher said the people would not mask up or leave the property and that the woman gathering the most attention was "refusing to leave, not wearing a mask."
"They've asked several times, and she refuses," the dispatcher added.

Image source: KOVR-TV screenshot

Then things got weird.
The store called 911 again when the unidentified woman reportedly decided to pull down her pants and urinate on the floor.
According to KOVR, just about three minutes after the initial call, the dispatcher contacted police in the area again, this time with much less pleasant news.
"They're calling back and advising that that female is pulling down her pants and is now urinating inside the business," the dispatcher said.

Image source: KOVR-TV screenshot

Members of the Roseville Police arrived on scene and later confirmed the whole incident to KOVR, the station reported. Authorities arrested the woman and said they also found several stolen items from a local Dick's Sporting Goods in her car.
Several customers offered their take on the woman's performance.
"Are you kidding me? That's terrible," a woman said. "That's like an animal. That's what my dog would do."
"That's kind of ridiculous," one man said, "I mean, there's bathrooms all over the place."
"That's totally inappropriate, we're not animals," another customer stated. "I'm very disappointed that we, as a society, choose to have disunity and let this coronavirus divide us."
KOVR noted at the end of the report that a Verizon spokeswoman told the outlet that the incident was not just about the mask policy but declined to add what else was involved.

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