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Biden’s Communications Aide Has A History Of Sexist Twitter Posts

Kamau M. Marshall, head of former Vice President Joe Biden’s strategic communications, has a history of sexist Twitter posts.
According to an exclusive report from Fox News, Marshall’s disparaging posts go back over a decade, during which he referred to women as people needing to be put in their place and even equated disgraced comedian Bill Cosby’s arraignment for sexual assault with systemic racism.
“Even though I like power women … I need her to know her place … meaning I wear the pants … ight,” Marshall said in a tweet.
Within moments of Fox News publishing its report on Marshall’s Twitter feed, the Biden aide deleted his many disparaging tweets that Fox News had previously taken screenshots of. One such example:
“Are all women crazy???? Lol no offense ijs [I’m just saying],” he tweeted in 2012.
“Nice guys finish last because they make sure their girl comes first,” he also tweeted in 2012.
In 2013, Marshall also said that women are unattractive if they don’t act classy and know how to control their feelings. In 2015, when Bill Cosby was arraigned on charges of sexual assault, Marshall said it was unfortunate he was charged while police officers who “gun down black bodies” walk free.
“It’s not a coincidence that Cosby can be arraigned on allegations, yet countless police officers who gun down black bodies aren’t indicted,” he tweeted.
“This is not about whether Cosby is innocent, b/c that IDK. Yet, this is about a strategic agenda that is pervasive and unrelenting,” he added. More from Fox News:
Marshall has also advised “sour, angry women” to “Keep your distance…Don’t take it out on the next man.”
“Who ever my future Girl Friend/Wife is…it will be a partnership/mutual…I kinda like Powerful Women,” he added. “They turn me on…lol.”
Indeed, Marshall wrote in 2011: “As long as my woman looks good & turns me on..she pretty much can have whatever she wants from me.”
Marshall has also repeatedly written the phrase “no homo.” For example, in 2010 he wrote: “Wood wakes everybody up…no homo but to many memories #hazing is bad smdh lmao.”
As Fox News reported, the revelations about Marshall’s past tweets come days after the outlet revealed that a supervising videographer with the Biden campaign, Sara Pearl, “openly called for defunding the police and tweeted a meme mocking officers as worse than “pigs” – even as Biden says he only wants some money redirected from police departments.”
“Unlike Pearl’s messages, Marshall’s posts are from a senior campaign official – and appear to be part of a long-running pattern,” Fox News noted.
The Biden campaign has not responded to the Pearl revelations nor the Marshall revelations. Last Friday, the Trump campaign released a statement saying that “Biden employs a staffer who uses the most vile, inflammatory, and incendiary language to target the brave men and women who risk their own lives to keep us safe.”
“How can Joe Biden look in the faces of grieving law enforcement families whose loved ones died in the line of duty?” said Bob Paduchik, a Trump campaign adviser. “Never in history has a major party campaign so angrily fanned the flames of hatred against our nation’s heroes.”

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