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: Black Mass Shooter Kills Two Random Men in Indiana Before Being Gunned Down by CCW Holder (VIDEO)

On Wednesday 22-year-old black male Joshua Hayes  traveled a few miles outside Indianapolis to Brownsbury, a neighboring community. Joshua Hayes stopped his car, got out and started shooting at the first people he saw – two white males working at a cemetery.

One victim was hit, and fell in the road.  Shooter Hayes walked up to him and shot him three times point blank in the chest killing him.  Hayes then chased the second many down shooting at him and hitting him.  Joshua Hayes then approached the wounded man, and as his gun was pointed at the second victim’s head, a man sitting in his car (which was hit by bullets) witnessing all of this and a concealed carry weapon holder, got out of his vehicle and shot the shooter dead.

Police later determined the shooter and the victims did not know each other, and this was 100% random.
The intent was to kill as many people as possible presumably – but that never happened because that  with the CCW permit stopped him. 

Of course, this did not make any national headlines.   Just like the  like the young white mother Jessica Whitaker  who was shot in Indianapolis by Black Lives Matter protesters.  

Police say Joshua Hayes had mental problems.


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