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Brutal Cartoon Shows Exactly Where Joe Biden "Stands" Politically

When it looked like Bernie Sanders was going to win the Democratic Party nomination the party establishment and their media allies went ballistic and started pushing Biden fast and furiously as the “moderate” alternative.
Of course as we all know Biden ended up crushing Bernie, mostly because Democrat voters wanted someone who could at least pretend to be more moderate and not want to openly destroy the system of government, type of economy and the freedoms we enjoy here in the USA.
But as soon as Biden won it became obvious that Bernie actually succeeded in taking over the party and pushing it, and Biden about as far left as one can get in the USA and be even mildly competitive on a national scale.
Biden is now by default almost as radical and far left as Bernie, but far less intelligible, given Joe’s painful and obvious mental decline.
So here in one cartoon is EXACTLY where Joe Biden now stands politically, and everyone should know it: 
Does that about sum it all up? 
Biden is now a far left candidate based on who is on his team and the joint policy positions agreed to between his camp and Bernie’s camp.


  1. Libtards don't care where he stands and the DNC needed someone who can be trusted to keep quiet if elected. Biden knows where all the bodies are buried and is deeply corrupted with Ukraine and China. Most of the Dems have been selling out the US and collecting the money through relatives, that's why they don't mind revealing their individual tax returns, the income is hidden through their sons/daughters/spouses.
    I think Bernie has been bought off, but it's likely he's not in the inner circle, so they don't want him to run for their own safety if he was elected. They could not care less about policies.

  2. Holy fuck. You think Biden is FAR LEFT????
    Jesus, he might as well be a Republican.

  3. Forgot the marionette strings.