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China’s Huge Three Gorges Dam Is Now Displaced – Fears Dam May Burst Due to Pressure from Recent Flooding with 400 Million at Risk

Reports are coming out of China that its massive Three Gorges Dam is at risk of blowing, putting 400 million people at risk.

Five days ago the Chinese reportedly released water at the Three Gorges Dam to alleviate pressure on the dam related to recent floods:

The problem is that China once claimed the dam would withstand a 10,000 year flood, then a 1,000 year flood and now only a 100 year flood.  The basis for this was reported when the dam was built:

Pictures show that the dam is now displaced since it was built (see cover photo above).

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  1. let some more water out of it you dumb-asses. that is why dams have relief gates and valves.