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Crazed Female Rioter in Portland Strips Naked at Police Line On 50th Night of Violent Chaos in the City

A crazed Portland rioter stripped completely naked at the police line on the 50th night of violent riots in the city.

The nudity came after police began to disperse a crowd that was attempting to barricade officers inside of the Federal Courthouse and Justice Center late Friday evening and into Saturday morning.
The evening was also plagued with severe violence against random citizens that the mob disagreed with politically.
A street preacher was violently assaulted and carried away by a group of Antifa terrorists. A witness at the scene said that a gun had been pulled on the man during the altercation. The witness also said that another man was tied to a fence, beat, and had the fence pushed over on top of him.
The rioters also deployed smoke bombs and lasers, which they use to impede the vision of police officers.
Around 1:30 a.m. local time, the Portland Police Department tweeted that “participants have 5 minutes to remove all barricades around the facility. Failure to follow this direction may subject you to arrest, citation, or use of force including crowd control munitions. Leave the area to the west. SW Columbia to SW Taylor from SW 1st to 6th is closed.”

Shortly after the 5 minutes were up, law enforcement began shooting massive amounts of tear gas into the crowd to disperse them, according to a livestreamer on the scene. They also tore down the barricades set up by the rioters.

1 comment:

  1. while most of the Protesters do not support the way this woman detracted from the message.

    the rest of your story shows you're right wing with an agenda.
    Fuck you.
    Peaceful protest has been met with violence. Boots on the ground every night, and I've watched.
    I'm a War Vet, a Standing Rock Vet, and this has been my third WAR ZONE
    And let me specify... the protesters have not made this a war zone... the violent, ignoring Geneva convention cops, made this a war zone.

    This is Fascism come to America. This is Nazi Germany.

    Grow a fucking pair and be a real patriot wont ya?

    Portland deserves your protection from this brutality