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It Was a Massacre: Cuomo on Nursing Home Policy that Killed Thousands: “Older People, Vulnerable People Are Going to Die” (VIDEO)

Andrew Cuomo is the hero of the left.
New York state and Governor Cuomo had THE WORST Coronavirus death ratio in the world — higher than any state (except New Jersey) and higher than ANY COUNTRY!
New York state under Cuomo’s leadership forced nursing homes to take in sick coronavirus patients.  The policy resulted in at least 4,900  coronavirus deaths in New York state nursing homes.
It was a New York state directive approved by Governor Cuomo that forced infected people into nursing homes.
It took 4,900 deaths before they corrected their coronavirus nursing home policy.
Then in May Governor Cuomo was asked about the huge number of deaths in New York nursing homes.
Cuomo replied, “Older people, vulnerable people are going to die…That’s going to happen despite whatever you do.”
Then Governor Cuomo added this — “Nobody should be prosecuted” — for the deaths caused by coronavirus.
Translation:  “Don’t prosecute me because I forced COVID patients into nursing homes.”

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