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Judge bars Portland Police Bureau from arresting journalists during protests

A federal judge has granted a temporary restraining order filed against the Portland Police Bureau that prevents the arrest of known journalists when officers order protesters to leave an area.
The order, signed Thursday by U.S. District Judge Michael Simon, is in response to a lawsuit filed by several people who accuse Portland police of violating the First and Fourth Amendments during protests sparked by the death of George Floyd.
The temporary restraining order will be in effect for two weeks. Police can still make arrests if they have probable cause to believe a crime has been committed.
Portland police are also temporarily barred from seizing any photographic gear or press passes from known journalists or “legal observers” and they also can’t order them to stop photographing, recording or observing a protest.
A “legal observer” is defined in the restraining order as someone “wearing a green National Lawyers’ Guild issued or authorized Legal Observer hat (typically a green NLG hat) or wearing a blue ACLU issued or authorized Legal Observer vest.”

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