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“Keep That Bitch Alive!” – Protesters Gather Outside Ghislaine Maxwell’s Prison, Chanting, “No Justice, No Peace, Fk Those Ped*phile Elites!” (VIDEO)

A group of protesters gathered outside the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday for a protest calling on prison officials to keep Epstein pimp Ghislaine Maxwell alive.
Maxwell was moved to the facility from New Hampshire in early July.
The protesters were chanting:
** “Keep that Bitch Alive!”
** “We want names”
** “No justice, no peace, f*ck the pedophile elites!”
The Russian Bot posted photos and video on Instagram.
So we were a small group of about 12.. but we had great reactions of passers-by even by federal workers and police. We certainly stirred up the inmates who were yelling to us and saying thank you and banging on the glass. If Ghislaine couldnt hear us from the inside she certainly heard the commotion of every inmate. And if the inmates heard us so did every worker in there. Our chants were “keep that bitch alive” “we want names” “no justice, no peace, fk those pedophile elites” and more. This was the first but it wont be the last. Thanks to those who came! And thanks to @_thesilencedmajority and @sampicardi for getting it started! Also to @educatingliberals for posting
Here’s video from the protest.

And here is a photo from the protest.

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