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'My underwear will match my face mask at all times!' Social media users poke fun at fashion, farce and fury provoked by new face mask law

New rules forcing people in England wear face masks in shops came into force this morning - and social media are already poking fun at the fashion, farce and fury.
The law requires people to wear the covering in all shops, stations, banks and post offices - though shoppers have already been spotted without them, while groups, including some libertarians are complaining they are being 'muzzled' by the state.
Meanwhile, Sainsbury's, Asda, Co-Op and Costa Coffee have all said they would not police the coronavirus rules, saying that it is down to the authorities to manage.
Failure to comply could result in a £100 spot fine, although police forces have indicated they will only respond as a 'last resort'.
Scotland Yard said it hopes shoppers who refuse to wear masks will be 'shamed' into compliance. 
But while many are taking the rules seriously, some social media have responded in typically humorous fashion, taking to Twitter to share memes and photos poking fun at what is being dubbed 'Mask day' or 'Face Mask Friday'.
The response has been both positive and negative, ranging from people using adorable animals to demonstrate how to properly wear a mask while others criticise the policy. 
Others have joked about wearing masks from famous TV shows or movies such as Power Rangers, Star Wars and Batman.
 While many made jokes about wearing the masks, others turned it into a joke about fashion.
One Twitter user, wearing a floral design face mask, said: 'My advice... buy your own face mask... don't leave it to your wife!'

Another, a barrister named Ned Edwards, shared a picture of himself wearing a skull face mask with the caption: 'Face mask essential courtwear, check.'
Others joked about wearing a matching face mask and underwear, while another showed off their matching 
While many Twitter users took to social media to joke about the face mask policy, others took it more seriously.
Some said the new scheme would be 'impossible to police', while others simply urged others not to be afraid of face masks.
One Twitter page Resilient Rutland, posted: 'So masks are in shops and enclosed public spaces today. Don't be afraid of them. 
'It's a strength of our community to wear them and keep each other safe.
'Remember you can still smile with your eyes. Pass a few smiles on today.'
Another Twitter user gave a helpful tip for remembering to take your face mask out with you, by putting a post-it note by the front door. 

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