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NBA Panics, Backtracks After Store Sales Rep. Tells Reporter He Can’t Buy a “Free Hong Kong” Jersey, But He CAN Buy a “Kill Cops” Jersey (AUDIO)

Daily Caller sports reporter David Hookstead on Monday spoke to a sales rep at the NBA store who told him he could not buy a “Free Hong Kong” jersey, but he CAN buy a “Kill Cops” jersey.
The NBA store offers custom jerseys where fans can choose a name with a 12-character limit.
David Hookstead contacted the NBA store after realizing he was able to type “KillCops” in the custom text, but unable to choose “FreeHongKong.”

Listen to the full Audio of David Hookstead’s call to the NBA store:

The NBA panicked and backtracked after major public backlash.
DAVID HOOKSTEAD: The NBA is no longer creating/selling “KillCops” and “FuckPolice” jerseys after I called and asked for one. Just a few hours ago, there was nothing stopping anyone from purchasing both. What is the NBA’s excuse for why it was ever allowed?

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