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SICK! Photo Of Man Holding Knee On Neck Of Crying White Baby While Baby’s Hands Are Being Held Behind Its Back, Circulates Around On Social Media: “BLM now mf”

A disturbing photo showing a crying white baby on its belly while a bearded male uses his knee to pin the baby down by the neck and another dark-skinned person holds the baby’s hands behind its back is circulating around on social media.
***Warning***photo is graphic and disturbing.
The caption on the photo that first appeared on Zach Ryan’s Facebook page read: “Blm now mf”
The Gateway Pundit reports – Posts on Facebook from people claiming to be familiar with the man said that his name is Isaiah Jackson and that he has been arrested in Ohio.
The man in the photograph does appear to be Jackson, based on his Facebook profile, but we have not been able to verify other allegations against him in the screenshots included in James’ Facebook post. Isaiah Jackson was arrested on July 20 in Ohio for a probation violation.
The grandmother of the child in the photo wrote on Facebook that it was taken while the two-year-old was with his mother. His mother is dating Jackson.

The very angry grandmother said that the baby is now with her son and safe. She is currently attempting to find out who was holding the child’s legs and who took the photo.

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