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4Chan Users Appear to Have Identified Portland Rioter Who Shot and Killed Trump Supporter

The anonymous message board 4chan may have, once again, beat the media to identifying a violent rioter.

On Saturday night, a Portland Black Lives Matter militant shot and killed a member of the pro-Trump group Patriot Prayer.

Within minutes of the shooting, 4chan users got to work, and within hours… they had a name.
The message board quickly claimed that the shooter is Michael Reinoehl, 48, of Portland.

The Nationalist Review wrote in their in-depth report, “the 48-year-old ‘professional snowboarder’ was previously featured on a Bloomberg promo for the riots where he described himself as part of the rioter’s security apparatus. Reinoehl touted his military experience and described events that led up to him receiving a bullet grazing on his arm. In the video, a neck tattoo identical to the shooter’s own tattoo is seen on his neck.”
Watch the interview here:

The shooter appeared to have a bandage wrapped around one of his arms to his elbow, the same way that Reinoehl’s arm was wrapped in the Bloomberg video.


  1. Payback is going to be a bitch for this Bolshevik scum.

  2. Didn't someone once post a guide on how to anhilate an intersection with positioned snipers? There is a point at which something has to be done and that point was passed a long time ago now.