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AL GORE: If Trump Refuses to Concede, Military Will Take Him Out Of White House

They’re really coming out of the woodwork, aren’t they?
Al Gore says if President Trump refuses to accept a loss in the presidential election, the U.S. military will take him out of the White House.
The former vice president, who lost to George W. Bush in 2000, sat down for an online interview with Reuters Editor in Chief Stephen J. Adler.
What if Trump declares the results illegitimate, Adler asked him.

“I don’t know,” Gore said. “But it’s important to say that it’s really not up to him. I hear people saying, ‘Well, would he accept that decision?’ Well, it doesn’t matter because it’s not up to him. Because at noon on January 20th, if a new president is elected… the police force, the Secret Service, the military, all of the executive branch officers, will respond to the command and the direction of the new president.”
Gore added: “I’m hoping that it will be a decisive victory [for Biden], but I don’t want to get ahead of myself, because like a lot of people in my political party, I felt kind of optimistic four years ago, and we all saw what happened. So I don’t think anybody who is a partisan for Biden or [Kamala] Harris are going to be relaxing or coasting just because they have a lead in the polls right now.”
As usual, Gore isn’t original. Biden said last month he is “absolutely convinced” that the military would remove Trump from the White House if he refuses to leave after losing November’s election.
“This president is going to try to steal this election,” Biden warned in an interview on The Daily Show. “It’s my greatest concern. My single greatest concern.”
Asked whether he’s thought about what would happen if he wins but Trump decides not to leave the White House, Biden responded: “Yes I have.”
“I promise you, I’m absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch,” Biden said.


  1. Al Gordo??? You guys planning to cheat that badly? By the way, what ever happened to your falling, final extinction,polar bears...? Gone with your anal wind...? And, oh yes, that spot on earth visible from the sun is your carbon footprint buddy...Go figure...

    1. How is your buddy ‘Kenny Boy Lay’ doing on the Bish ranch in Paraguay Al?

  2. Al Gore needs to go work on more global warming lies. The stuff he has gotten filthy rich off of.

  3. the military would remove any POTUS who refused to vacate and that includes both republicans and democrats

  4. Al Gore is on page 2,325 of Jeffery Epstein's black book, right under Gates.

  5. So what happens if Trump wins by a landslide? These nice guys will still send in the army to remove him from office?...

  6. sounds like they already know who is going to lose. hope the white hats are out counting votes and the mail in ballot nonsense is shut down. biden's primary victories all had double digit exit polls discrepancies and he lost all the absentee balloting vote which are counted with great scrutiny. so sounds like hellary and team have something planned with george soros as far as vote counting.

  7. Why is Pope Al worried.....didn't he say the world was going to end by next year

  8. Who was it again that still won't shut up about losing in 2016? Which side mobilized ANTIFA after losing in 2016? Hypocrites.