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Astroturfed DNC ‘Car Parade’ After Biden’s Acceptance Speech Trumped by ‘Creepy Joe Biden’ Truck Parade

Last night was the final night of the 2020 DNC Democrat Dumpster Fire.  After Sleepy Joe Biden finished his acceptance speech as the party’s chosen candidate, the Bidens stepped outside to fireworks and cars in a parking lot with ‘supporters’ cheering for Sleepy Joe.

Earlier in the day FOX News reported that they somehow knew around 100 cars were expected that evening at the end of the DNC:
More than 100 cars are expected to line up outside of the Chase Center in Wilmington for the former vice president’s keynote address, the sources told Fox News.
The cars, in the style of a drive-in movie theatre, will be looking at a stage set up outside of the riverfront convention center waiting for the wave from Biden and running mate California Sen. Kamala Harris, as well as their spouses, the sources said.
The problem was it was all fake.  It was astroturfed.  There was literally no support for Biden all week.  The cars in the parking lot were DNC theatrics.  They were even social distancing:
What wasn’t astroturfed were some trucks lined up outside the event with ‘Antifa for Biden’,  ‘Creepy Joe Sniffs Women’ and other popular Biden slogans:
The same trucks were seen earlier in the day driving around Wilmington, Delaware:

Creepy Joe Biden is the perfect candidate to represent today’s Democrat Party.

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  1. Oh, please--what we need are legit elections. The US is now a third-world country, she is no longer a "democracy" if she ever was. Our elections are cheap, tawdry, money-wasting put-on shows, as if we ever have a choice. It's a JOKE.