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AWKWARD! Kamala Harris Ends her Speech in Silence, Then Starts Waving at Women on a Screen — And then Creepy Joe Comes Out and Bows …WTH?

This was weird.
Kamala Harris delivered her DNC virtual convention speech on Wednesday night from somewhere.
After she was done there was dead silence and then some women only on a screen appeared and she waved at them.
It did not look like they could see her because they did not react.

And then to make it super creepy Joe Biden walked on stage and bowed down to her but did not hug her.
These people are crazy.


  1. It's all green screened in!!! Joe was never 'there' and wherever there was... notice that there were NO live audiences there.. I only saw one person sitting in a chair in the entirely empty room. WTF? Does the DNC not have any people attending their convention and it all has to be done by video? Apparently so. They don't want to show how many people DID NOT ATTEND their pathetic shit show in person1!!! This is the worst convention ever!!! Goes to show America that no one likes Joe nor his Ho!!!

    1. At the 00:11 mark you can see maybe 10 people there and they appear to be reporters, as the poles you see by the chairs have state names on them. Still nothing on the lines that a REAL leader would bring in, such as President Trump. Who wants to see a mullato whore and a senile old bastard anyway?