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Biden’s Key Message and Top Blunder in Last Night’s DNC Acceptance Speech

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s speech last night was full of fluff while at times he sounded like he agreed with President Trump’s policies.  But his major blunder came at the end and went virtually unnoticed.

Former Obama Vice President Joe Biden accepted his party’s nomination last night with a speech at the DNC.  When Biden wasn’t complaining about President Trump or slandering his actions while President, Biden actually sounded like he agreed with the President’s policies:

Of course Biden and Obama sent jobs to China, so it’s no wonder China and Iran want a Biden victory in November.
But the biggest blunder of the night was when Biden said:
“There’s never been anything we’ve been able to accomplish when we’ve done it together”.

Of course Biden stayed away from the destruction and devastation by Democrat supported BLM and Antifa in Democrat led cities across the US.  Biden has shown when you don’t have a response just pretend it’s not there.


  1. Question: How can you possibly get the American public to vote the uber con man Trump back in office?
    Answer: Nominate Joe Biden

    1. As opposed to hillary? Would you rather have her?

  2. Actually, the jobs started being sent to China, by Slippery Will!
    In the 1980s, 30 years ago, do you remember that? A Generation ago.