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Biden’s Team Lashes Out at Trump for Planning a 4-State Tour Next Week – Jealous Biden is Too Feeble to Travel and Campaign

Basement Biden
President Trump will visit four states next week as the Democrats hold their DNC convention.
Trump is planning on visiting Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Arizona.
In an extra jab to Biden, President Trump plans on visiting Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania next Thursday — the same day Biden is scheduled to ‘virtually’ deliver his acceptance speech.
Team Biden isn’t too happy about Trump’s plans to travel and go out and meet voters.
Biden’s spox released a pathetic statement: “While these fly-in, fly-out airport sideshows might protect Trump from seeing the damage that he has done to communities throughout this country, they will only underscore why we have to win this battle for the soul of our nation.”
Trump’s rapid response team hit back harder.
Joe Biden is too feeble to travel.
The 77-(almost 78)-year-old hides in his Delaware basement day in and day out.

When Biden does venture out of his basement, he stays close to home so he can quickly shuffle back into his bunker for a nap.

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