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BLM and Antifa Type Protesters Harass ‘Gentrifiers’ Who ‘Stole’ Homes, Time for People to Stand Up and Say Enough (5 Cartoons)

The establishment media, including Fox News, often calls the anarchists and leftists seemingly hell bent on destroying America’s big cities “protesters” when they are anything but.
These people are nothing more, nothing less than viscous thugs who have decided that since the political process has not gotten them what they want, they’ll make it happen by force, fear and intimidation.
After all these types of tactics have worked in other countries in the past, and with the help of the Democrats and media there is not an insignificant chance it could happen here.
In Seattle a group of “protesters” pushing the BLM and Antifa line harassed a group of homeowners, calling them “gentrifiers” who stole homes from black people, or something.
Watch via Jason Rantz:

The message from this group is clear even if it was not said directly. Give us what we want or we will take it by force or burn it down.
Ironically many of the residents in that neighborhood are black, and suspect they did not appreciate the caravan of anarchists determined to harass and intimidate them.
Bet many of those in that neighborhood double checked their locks and windows before going to bed, and this morning many may even be considering making their very first firearm purchase.
If every single person in that neighborhood was armed and trained, and stood silently in front of their homes with determination, that would also send a strong message.
Even if it wasn’t explicitly said, the message would be, “We are Americans and we won’t live in fear, nor be intimidated by leftist thugs. We don’t want a fight, but if you insist we are ready.”
As we have seen in countless places, every time this message is sent, the “protesters” back down.
Maybe its time for the people in Portland, Seattle and other big cities across America to stand up and show that they are Americans and will not take it anymore.

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  1. So if I buy a beat up junk car from you for $100, repair it, replace the engine, put on new tires, fix the dents and rust, redo the interior, get a new paint job for it, and fix it up until it looks new, then I STOLE that car?!

    I can see where you might believe that -- but only if you are stupid.