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Deadly Portland Shooting Caught on Video

The deadly shooting in Portland, Oregon Saturday night was captured in video. The video shows two men in the street with one firing two shots and running away. The victim took a few steps and then collapsed on the pavement. The video was taken during a Facebook livestream by Justin Dunlap. It is not clear from the video if either man had anything to do with the clashes between the pro-Trump caravan and Antifa-Black Lives Matter rioters.
A puff of smoke from gunshots in deadly Portland shooting can be seen in the left center of this screen image, via Justin Dunlap/Facebook.
The smoke my be mace sprayed by the victim the moment before being shot. Justin Dunlap complained his eyes were stinging from mace as he neared the shooting scene.
Video clip posted to Twitter:

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  1. If the Portland mayor would do her job none of this would be happening.