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Dem Nevada Governor Sisolak Rejects Republican Secretary of State’s Request to Require ‘Ballot Harvesters’ Register

Steve Sisolak
Nevada – Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak took his corruption to the next level on Tuesday and rejected his Republican Secretary of State’s request to require ‘ballot harvesters’ register with her office.
Recall, Sisolak and Nevada Democrats called a special session earlier this month with no public present and inside of 24 hours they rammed through mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.
Democrats did this during the special legislative session.
The new Democrat law allows people not related to or friends with elderly voters to fill out their ballots and turn them in to be counted!
Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske sent a letter to Sisolak last week expressing her concern over ballot harvesting and said extra measures needed to be taken to prevent voter fraud.
Cegavske proposed third-party ballot-harvesters register with her office and fill out paperwork detailing information about their party affiliation.
Sisolak on Tuesday rejected Cegavske’s proposal and blasted her for her “overly partisan” proposal and said her warning “echoes the voter suppression rhetoric being heard on the national stage.”
SFGate reported:
After blasting Sisolak and the Legislature for marginalizing her in discussions over pandemic election measures and not consulting her about the bill, Cegavske acknowledged it was her job to enforce laws rather than make them. She said election officials would be able to investigate “any illegal activity” associated with ballot harvesting with the information required by her proposed regulation.
Sisolak fired back Tuesday in a letter to Cegavske saying there is no indication that the ballot harvesting rules would create an emergency that warranted “the adoption of an emergency regulation without public feedback.”
Mandating registration for third-party ballot collectors wouldn’t prevent the kind of fraud Cegavske and Republicans worry about, Sisolak said in his response, which was first reported by the Nevada Independent. He said Cegavske’s use of the term “ballot harvester” was overtly partisan and said her warning “echoes the voter suppression rhetoric being heard on the national stage.”
President Trump’s campaign a couple weeks ago challenged Nevada’s ballot harvesting law in court.
Illegal ballot harvesting destroyed conservative pockets of California during the 2018 midterms.
Democrats ‘harvested’ over 250,000 ballots in Orange County and flipped the traditionally conservative Southern California enclave from red to blue in 2018.
Democrats in Orange County continued to count ballots weeks after election day in 2018 and unseated FOUR GOP candidates who were declared winners on election night.


  1. Sisolak is a total piece of shit. A real marxist. Trump needs to win this court case. Only a party that has no chance to win would use a tool that is so obviously corrupt in their favor. I predict that is Trump fails to stop this Nevada will be one of the first places with riots after the election, especially if the communists win.

  2. I've held off long as I can hoping the governor would look into the trend of fruit samples, n o shows, and clean swabs adding to false positive data. Shutting everything down with penalty threat of $135,000 fine has carpet bombed small business and the Nevada tourist support industry. I am changing my voter registration status from Independent to Republican, it's been nearly 30 years.

  3. In other words, the Governor is for voter fraud.