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Democrats In a Bind – Joe Biden Must Get Out of the Basement But Joe Biden Can’t Leave the Basement

Joe Biden is a gift from God for the Republican Party.  It’s now official that he is the Democrat candidate and he is awful.

President Trump said yesterday in a campaign event in New Hampshire that former Obama Vice President Joe Biden is the worst candidate the Democrats have ever chosen for the Presidency.  Of course, he is right again.
The Democrats looked over their field, they wanted an outsider like Mayor Pete from a small city in the Midwest but he was awful.  They gave him Iowa but that didn’t work.  Crazy Bernie Sanders took over and was again running away with the now socialist-communist Democrat Party.  But the elites running the party couldn’t show the US so blatantly that they are now communists so they de-selected Bernie, like they did in 2016.
The only candidate left for the Democrats was old Sleepy Joe Biden.  The white man who’s been in politics forever with a horrible record of gaffes and no record of accomplishments.  But what else could they do?
Republicans held back and held their breath.  Could they really be going with this senile old man Biden?  Yes, they could.
The Democrats pushed their candidate on a strategy of shutdowns due to the coronavirus which helped justify Sleepy Joe hiding in his basement. They claimed the economic destruction of the China coronavirus is Trump’s fault blaming him for the virus deaths.  And finally, they said they can fix these things and President Trump can’t.
But then came their convention and the Hollywood elites put on a horrible show.  The Democrats paraded celebrities and all who came on stage hated the President and they let people know it.  There was no strategy – hate is not a strategy.
Then came the RNC which was magical. 
Stories of Americans hurt by prior policies and administrations brought tears to your eyes.  A projection of the greatness of America was on display and the many accomplishments of this Administration, some which the average Trump supporter had to look up to verify, were discussed.
Suddenly, reality hit the Democrats.  They know their polls are BS.  The coronavirus is waning.  The economy is on fire with the greatest recovery happening now, in spite of Democrat state efforts to sabotage the recovery.
And suddenly, the Democrats realized the riots they supported and remained silent about were directly pinned on them.  Their silence was admission of guilt.
Now they must get their candidate out of the basement.  But this risks more events like this:

Oh no…..

Victor Davis Hansen was on Lou Dobbs last night on FOX Business and he explained the predicament the Democrats are now in:
Biden has to get out but he can’t get out.  He can’t debate but he has to debate.  He’s a train wreck.  Everyone knows it.  The Democrats supported criminals and rioters in the streets and Americans are sick of it and the Democrats only solution is Joe Biden.

Time for Democrats to panic.


  1. The Democrat party is so blinded by their arrogance that if not clear by now, it soon will be that their pony is going to lose. The best thing that the Democratic party can do is forcefully retire the old guard.

    1. You're absolutely correct--the problem is, there's nobody left in the Democratic Party BUT the "old guard". The rest of us told them to go eat s**t after 2016, when they stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. The DNC "old guard" is nothing but "Clinton Democrats", corrupt to the core. Most of, if not all of them should be in federal prison.

      They have no answers for real Americans who lean left. We're not all drooling socialists do-nothings. Trust me, every disaffected Democrat in America has absolutely no use for them. If Joe and the Hoe "win", they stole it.

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