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Denver Rioters Shoot Fireworks at Cops, Ravage Family-Owned Business

An anti-police protest in Denver turned into a riot as demonstrators ran amok Saturday night.
An estimated 75 to 100 rioters torched trees and burned an American flag, broke windows and threw fireworks at officers, according to KUSA-TV.
“At one point, police clad in riot gear used nonlethal chemical munitions, including what appeared to be pepper balls and smoke. The protesters were seen throwing several fireworks into the area where the police were set behind the fence,” KUSA reported. 
At least one police officer was injured.

Social media images from the protest showed the nature of the violence. 

The so-called “Give ’em Hell” demonstration was billed as a response to governmental action that rejected a proposal giving Denver residents the chance to defund the police and putting a Peace Force in place, according to KDVR-TV.

document uploaded on Aug. 17 to the Denver City Council, was calling for the creation of the Peace Force that said it was needed because it “has become evident that certain members of our community face disproportionate policing and violence based upon the color of their skin; and WHEREAS our police force is more reactive to crime than it is proactive in preventing crime; and WHEREAS there is a lack of trust between the community and the police force; and WHEREAS there are insufficient resources dedicated to underlying causes of violence and crime such as job insecurity, transience, homelessness, food insecurity and other such causes …”
The legislation establishing the Peace Force said its members “will not have arrest powers or be licensed to bear or use arms as part of their duties” and that the force will assume the budget and role of the current police department.
Denver police said 12 suspects were arrested, according to KUSA.

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