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EPIC! – “Joe Biden is Losing It – Vote Trump 2020!” Banner Flies Over Democrat Convention Prior to Biden’s Speech (VIDEO)

Students for Trump, chaired by Charlie Kirk, trolled Joe Biden on Thursday afternoon ahead of his convention speech accepting the Democrat nomination.
A “Joe Biden is Losing It – Vote Trump 2020” banner flew over the Democrat convention in Delaware on Thursday.
Circling the Chase Center over Wilmington’s Riverfront was a small plane pulling the banner.

A line of protesters held anti-Biden signs before Biden was scheduled to speak.
A protest dubbed “Delaware Rallies Against Biden” is set to kick off at 5 PM ET.
“Rally together with us outside the Democrat convention to show America and the national media that we in Delaware who know Joe best know he’s not the president our country needs,” announced Sam Chick, Chair of the Delaware Young Republicans. “Bring your signs and flags and let’s join together to exercise our First Amendment rights!”

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