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FOX News Had the Most Watched Opening Night of Any Cable News Channel Ever and OANN Demolished Its Live Streaming Record by 2.4 Times on Day 1 of RNC

President Trump and the Republican Party are knocking it out of the park at this year’s RNC.  FOX News and OANN set massive viewership records for viewership on Day 1.

The media won’t let you know this but the RNC is setting viewership records.
FOX News had the most watched coverage of any cable news network  in the history of opening nights for a major party on Monday night during the RNC:
Fox News had the most-watched opening night coverage of any national party convention in the history of cable news Monday when a whopping 7.1 million people tuned in for the first night of the Republican National Convention.
Fox News’ average viewership of 7.1 million in the 10 p.m. ET hour hosted by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum topped the combined viewership of ABC, CBS and NBC as no broadcast network cracked the 2 million viewer plateau.
CNN and MSNBC’s combined audience also failed to top Fox News as CNN averaged a smidge over 2 million viewers and MSNBC settled for 1.6 million.
OANN also had its best night ever on Monday by 2.4 times:
Right now, Joe Biden is an afterthought:


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