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Media Blackout: White College Student, Stepfather Shot to Death on Their Front Lawn After Fender Bender

A black man fatally shot a white college student and her stepfather over a fender bender in Georgetown, South Carolina this week.
A third victim, a man who stopped to help, survived after being struck by gunfire and bludgeoned.
Authorities say an altercation occurred over a fender bender when Ty Sheem Walters III shot and killed Laura Ashley Anderson, 21, and Charles Nicholas Wall, 45.
The Daily Mail reported:
Laura Ashley Anderson, 21, and Charles Nicholas Wall, 45, were killed on Monday outside of the home Anderson had just purchased in Georgetown, South Carolina, where Wall was arriving to drop off a spare set of keys.
Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters III, was arrested and charged with murder after cops said he rear-ended Wall as the stepfather was turning into his daughter’s driveway, and then killed Wall, Anderson, and injured one other person in a fit of rage.
At about 5pm on Monday, Wall was driving over to drop off a set of keys as Anderson waited in the front yard, Lambert said. Wall was turning into his daughter’s driveway when someone rear-ended his car.
Police say that the other driver, Walters, then opened fire in a shooting rampage rather than exchanging insurance information and filing a simple police report about the minor fender bender.
According to the arrest warrants, Walters fired a gun at Wall and struck him at least twice, in the head and torso, while hitting Anderson at least one time in the head. Both the stepfather and stepdaughter were killed.
A third person, Paul McConnell, was struck at least once by gunfire before being bludgeoned in the head by the shooter, but is expected to survive, according to warrants in the case.
‘I’m devastated. Heartbroken. Confused. Angry. I don’t understand. Who shoots innocent people?’ Kimberly Wall, mother and wife of the two posted to her Facebook page.
‘I’m having to bury one of my children and my husband. It’s such a freak thing. I don’t know why this would happen. I just don’t understand,’ Kimberly Wall told WBMF-TV. ‘It’s just devastating. I don’t know how we’re going to go forward.’
A family friend told WPDE-TV that Laura Anderson wanted to be a teacher.
‘She wanted to be a teacher like her momma. She was getting ready to start school. She was getting everything in order. Everything was starting to fall in place for her,’ family friend Lynn Lambert told WPDE-TV.
Walters tried to run into a wooded area to escape after police spotted him trying to flee on foot. K-9 units were deployed and Walters was taken into custody.
Walters was charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder and was ordered held without bail.


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