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Model Haggles For A Free Photoshoot, Photographer Agrees, But This Choosing Beggar Decides It’s Not Enough

Freelancers and people working in the creative industry know this type of people all too well—the choosing beggars. They will try to manipulate people into giving them things for free and then some, without offering anything in return at all. “But it will be good for you!” they’ll say. “It’s free exposure!” they might even add. All in all, these choosing beggars really know how to waste somebody’s time.
Recently, one Reddit user shared a mildly infuriating chat between a photographer and a model who was hoping to get a photoshoot for free. Being an understanding person, the photographer offered a trade for her, which apparently wasn’t good enough for the said model. Scroll down below to read the chat that was shared on the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars.
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Recently, one message exchange between a photographer and a model went viral

Image credits: Matthew Kenwrick
Some say that “beggars can’t be choosers,” but one quick scroll through the popular subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars proves otherwise. The sense of entitlement that some people possess is beyond us, as it is hard to grasp why some people believe that they deserve to get stuff for free merely because they think so.

In them, one entitled model was asking for a collaboration, but her terms weren’t very fair

Image credits: NotATransponster
Image credits: NotATransponster
Initially, the model suggested to the photographer that they do a collaboration together, and apparently she was looking for something that she “wouldn’t have to pay for.” Looking for compromises, the photographer offered her a trade he came up with.
However, the model didn’t seem to like the idea of the trade, so she offered another deal. This one involved paying the model half of what the photographer would usually pay for a model. Naturally, the photographer wasn’t very happy about the offer.

After the unsuccessful exchange, the model warned the photographer about a possible negative review

Image credits: NotATransponster
The model tried to convince the photographer to meet her terms, however, to no avail. Angry about the unsuccessful persuasion, the model texted the photographer about him being “unprofessional” before warning him that if he gets any negative review, he’ll “know where it’s coming from.”

Here’s what people online said

There were also some who believed that the text exchange was fabricated


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